Porsche’s Dolby Atmos soundbar made from a car exhaust pipe is…

Soundbars are usually stylish speakers that sit unobtrusively in front of or below the TV screen – they’re meant to be ignored. But Porsche Design has taken a real left turn on that concept, offering a $12,000 / £9,100 / AU$19,955 Dolby Atmos soundbar that’s made to stand out. Literally – it sticks out of the wall, because it’s made from a real exhaust system from the Porsche 992 GT3 (992).

It’s called 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro (opens in new tab)and in theory, the sound is just as appealing as it looks – it’s a 2.1.2-channel soundbar, meaning it offers stereo front sound, two-channel Dolby Atmos height, and has a bass channel.

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