Fujifilm launch live: will we see the long-awaited Fujifilm X-T5?


(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Why are X Summit events such a big deal in the camera world? Historically, they’ve been more than just one-off product announcements – we typically also see new lenses and a few teasers for future releases.

During Fujifilm’s X Summit in June 2021, for example, we saw two new cameras and eight new lenses announced (four for the X series and four for the medium format GFX series). Fuji also revealed that its next generation of X-Trans sensors would include a speedy stacked design – which turned out to be what’s inside the Fujifilm X-H2S flagship.

I can’t promise that many announcements today, but there’s definitely precedent for some surprises. And buckle up, because this event lasted an hour.

So how do you actually watch today’s Fujifilm X Summit? The event is being streamed live on YouTube at the link above, with the official start time being November 2 at 9am EST / 1pm GMT. If you’re in Australia, this runs at 12pm AEDT on November 3, but that’s no excuse not to tune in.

YouTube lets you set reminders for when the live streams are about to start – just click the bell icon in the video above and you’ll receive an email reminder. But the best approach is clearly to grab some popcorn and your favorite camping chair and follow our development here. It will definitely be a lot more fun than watching Twitter burn to the ground.

Hi, I’m Mark (Camera Editor at ) and I’m going to walk you through today’s Fujifilm X Summit event. I’ve used, reviewed and own many Fujifilm X-series cameras, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what the exclusive camera brand has up its sleeves for today.

It’s already been an amazing end to the year for new cameras, with the OM System OM-5, Hasselblad XQD 100C and Sony finally coming to life with the FX30, ZV-1F and A7R V. I played with the latter last week and it’s graduating from it. if to be one of the cameras of the year. Could Fujifilm really manage to outshine it today? We’ll find out in just over ten hours.

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