ExpressVPN Deal: Get the World’s Best VPN with Backblaze’s Free Cloud Backup

Once again, ExpressVPN managed to outperform its competitors on almost every front during our latest round of testing – from qualitative privacy features to excellent unlocking features and customer support. That’s why it’s still at the top of our list of the best VPN services on the market.

If you’re not a subscriber yet and want to better protect your life online, make sure you get the most out of your money with ExpressVPN’s latest deal. Not just one, but two freebies are included in this tasty offer.

An exclusive for readers who sign up for their one-year plan, you can claim three extra months of protection for free (opens in new tab) along with a full year of cloud backup of backblaze at no extra cost in this very tempting package.

So, are you ready to choose the path of privacy when you’re online? Below are more details on how to get this exclusive deal from , along with an overview of what makes ExpressVPN our favorite provider right now.

Protect your privacy online with this ExpressVPN deal:

What Makes ExpressVPN Our Favorite VPN

There are several reasons why ExpressVPN keeps getting a five-star rating every time we review it again.

One of them is that the service keeps improving. After already experiencing a considerable upgrade with the introduction of its group devices feature, ExpressVPN’s router app is even easier to set up on new devices with its QR code to share Wi-Fi.

In addition, the company recently released its first hardware product. ExpressVPN Aircove, its own built-in VPN router, is the only one on the market to be powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology along with native VPN compatibility. This translates to faster, more reliable wireless connectivity.

As cybersecurity expert Mike Williams pointed out in his latest review: “[Although] most customers will not be interested in Aircove, it shows real ambition and skill.”

The secure VPN provider even upgraded their servers (from 1Gbps servers to 10Gbps) and added iOS network protection, which is effectively a kill switch.

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If you are looking for a good streaming VPN then Express will not let you down as unlocks basically any platform you may think. These include Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Also, during our testing, their live support was always helpful on the rare occasions when there were issues.

When we reviewed its privacy features, we couldn’t be happier. As our reviewer Mike Williams pointed out, “The company doesn’t just say how big it is – it also has an impressively long list of features to help justify every word.”

Among them, DNS support is worth mentioning. In fact, along with DNS leak protection, Express also runs its own zero-knowledge, private 256-bit encrypted DNS on each of its own servers.

The only negative note was in their connection speeds. It is no longer one of the fastest VPNs and in our tests we saw a spike of 560Mbps with its Lightway protocol and 355Mbps when connecting with OpenVPN. However, considering most people have Wi-Fi that tops out at 100Mbps or less, this isn’t something to worry about.

Check out our full ExpressVPN review to discover all of its features in more detail.

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