Amazon Alexa can play music to calm your pets when the fireworks start

Fireworks night is often full of anticipation, excitement and color, but there’s no denying it can be loud, with low-noise fireworks hitting pretty high decibels. And those vibrant colors and sparkles, as impressive as they are, explode with fringes and flashes that can be quite disorienting for humans, not to mention animals – and it’s our pets that feel it the most.

In the UK, Bonfire Night will take place this Saturday (November 5th). amazon (opens in new tab) recognizes the pain this can cause our feline friends, so it teamed up with feline behaviorist Anita Kelsey and a professional music composer to create a special playlist to help animals relax via Alexa-enabled devices. Using scientific research, which has identified that cats respond most positively to specific tones and frequencies, the team formulated tracks designed to soothe the kitten.

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