Sony TV update solves annoying graphics issue for PS5 and Xbox owners

There’s great news for people who bought one of Sony’s ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ LED TVs from 2021 or 2022 and who play games on it using a PS5 or Xbox Series X – you’ll now be able to get full video quality and VRR ( update variable) at the same time!

Until now, enabling variable refresh rates on Sony’s LED TVs that use their XR Cognitive Processor disabled the backlight’s localized dimming feature, meaning you didn’t get as good HDR contrast if you had VRR. activated. We still rate some of these TVs as being among the best TVs for gaming due to their other great features, but that was definitely a huge frustration.

The Cast of Stranger Things Wants to Watch the Season 4 Finale With You – Here’s How

Stranger Things fans, rejoice! Netflix has announced a star-studded online party for the season 4 finale of the sci-fi series – and everyone is invited.

In partnership with live streaming service Scener, the streaming platform is hosting a virtual screening for the world premiere of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 on Friday, July 1st, with stars David Harbor (Hopper) , Brett Gelman (Murray), Joe Quinn (Eddie) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Peter) in attendance as A-list guests.

AMD can follow Nvidia’s DLSS footsteps with FSR 3.0 frame rate boost

AMD may be planning to take a different direction with FSR in the future, and if a clue highlighted on Twitter is anything to go by, Team Red’s intention is to develop the framerate boosting technology along AI-powered lines – as well as Nvidia DLSS.

This theory is based on a tip tweeted by well-known hardware leaker Greymon55, who detected a new commit in the LLVM repository that is about the introduction of WMMA (Wave Matrix Multi-Accumulate) instructions in GFX11.

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After all, Wear OS 3 doesn’t just work with Android – it can work with your iPhone

Wear OS 3 is the biggest overhaul we’ve seen for Google’s smartwatch operating system so far, but it’s also one that apparently came with a huge disappointment, as the first – and so far only – Wear OS 3 watches were the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and are not compatible with iPhones.

Far from being a limitation of Wear OS 3, it seems that this is simply a limitation that Samsung has decided to impose, as the Montblanc Summit 3 was recently announced, and is confirmed to have iOS support.

FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones prove that Huawei is still determined to dethrone Apple

Huawei just unveiled the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones at a launch event in Berlin, the second iteration of the company’s true wireless headphones. And, of course, they promise even more improvements to our audio experience.

Based on the inaugural Huawei FreeBuds Pro released in September 2020, the latest headphones promise “true sound that brings beauty to your ears” and visually these headphones do a good job of looking attractive – they come in a ‘Silver Blue’ colorway, new to the FreeBuds family. Designed to be a “dreamy” finish, Silver Blue is, says Huawei, inspired by the stars of the galaxy. So the sky’s the limit, huh?

Facebook is copying Discord and Slack for the Groups feature, and we’re all in favor

Meta continues to improve parts of Facebook that have been in need of updating for some time, with Groups getting a new sidebar to help users find their favorite groups more easily on iOS and Android.

The days of posting statuses that started with ‘is’ on Facebook are long gone, with a lot of users seeing the social platform as a way to share memes, or keep in touch with family, or simply be in groups to happily post and share. .

Skull and Bones may be aiming for a November release

After turbulent development and multiple delays, Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones could be gearing up for release next November.

Twitter user Alumia_Italia claims to have found details about the game’s release in an Xbox Store listing, eurogamer reports. Per the tweet, the listing makes mention of a pre-order bonus, additional missions, a “Smuggler Pass Token”, a digital soundtrack and art book, and a premium bonus pack. More importantly, also includes a possible release date (opens in new tab): November 8, 2022.

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Sony’s New Hardware Brand May Target PC Gamers, But It’s Perfect for PS5

Sony has just released a range of PC-centric monitors and headphones that PlayStation console owners will definitely want to get their hands on.

Say hello to Inzone – Sony’s new brand of PC gaming peripherals. The collection currently consists of two rather stylish gaming monitors and three headphones. It’s not a total surprise, as news of the headphones leaked last week, while the monitors’ existence leaked to the world just before the press release was released.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Sedan Is Basically Apple’s Magic Mouse on Wheels

Hyundai has officially lifted the lid on its long-awaited Ioniq 6 electric sedan – and the Tesla Model 3 may finally have a genuine competitor on its hands.

No powertrain specs have been revealed about the car yet – meaning we don’t know, at this stage, how fast the Ioniq 6 will run nor how long it will run on a single charge – but the Korean automaker has confirmed that it will share the same. excellent electrical architecture Hyundai Ioniq 5.

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs Might Launch in September – Once Stock Ryzen 5000 Solds

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 desktop processors could launch in mid-September, if the internal sources are to be believed.

This rumor comes from DigiTimes (opens in new tab) – not always the most reliable outlet in our experience, but that being said, the supply chain conversation is definitely worth hearing about – and the claim of a mid-September release comes from motherboard manufacturer sources. (These companies are, of course, making AM5 mobos with a new socket for AMD’s high-end desktop chips.)